Always fresh and from what i’ve seen the same goes for stupid.. so I can see how they came up with the name Stupid Fresh. Their “Start to the Summer AKA June Giblets” mix is packed full of banging tracks, lets just hope our summer starts soon…

Click Image To Download

01. Stupid Fresh & Stellar Mc- Not Gonna Stop (Final Version)
02. Rockwell D – Plain Loco
03. Wongo – Feel Good (Nick Supply & Slidzik Remix)
04. TJR – Good Evening Chicago (Klaus Hill Remix)
05. Boltan – Creepy (Mighty Fools Remix)
06. Aniki – 6.15
07. The Funk Out – Sound Boy Killa (Twisted Bitz Remix)
08. Man Like Me – London Town (Foamo Remix)
09. Scott Cooper – African Drum (Rockwell D Remix)
10. *Artist Unknown (forgotten)* – Get up, Yeah (Stupid Fresh Remix)
11. Shab Ruffcut – Twist (Stupid Fresh Remix)
12. Boltan – Laughing Through My Teeth (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
13. The Funk Out – Big Dick (Bill Eff’s Big Bass Remix)
14. Lovestation – Teardrops (The Funk Out Remix)

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