Hey crabzinabarrel.com world it’s your girl ReneeWoods and I would like to introduce yall to JWORK Limited! “Money cash clothes is what you need in life ” umm yeah the Money Cash Clothes T-shirt is definitely my favorite clothing item from JWORK Limited. They are repping Columbus, Ohio and honestly when me and my brother hung out there back in June I thought I was going to see cornfields and farms but it’s a decent city and they profile in the club just like we do in the DMV.  I went up in the club with some flats on like I was about to go party in some barn or something only to find myself in a club with a bunch of girls with the latest styles on and 5-inch heels standing against the wall.  Anyways JWORK stands for Justified Wealth of Real Kings so if you think you are a king as most men do you should check out JWORK Limited at http://www.jworklimited.com. Oh and ladies they have clothing  for yall too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Note: There is a special DISCOUNT for purchases over $50 for July and the promo code is summerlove.

JWORKS LIMITED OWNERS From L to R (Darrell Louis Hunter. C.M.O. Jwork Limited, Jermaine A. Jenkins. C.E.O. Jwork Limited, and Andre B. Wilson. C.O.O. Jwork Limited)

5 thoughts on “JWORK LIMITED”

  1. Thanx so much, cuz, for the love! JWORK Ltd is blowing up & we are taking the clothing industry by storm!!! We are working on new designs and the website is being updated as we get them! Visit http://www.jworklimited.com. The site is phenomenal & our team is phenomenal! And just for showing us some love and going to to the website, we will show u some SUMMER LOVE by giving u a discount on purchases over $50 only for the month of July! Wow! That sounds kinda like free!! No playing! But it really helps, trust me! Use Promo Code : summerlove09.

  2. What up cuz?!! Thanks for showing us love! The publication is dope! Keep doing what you do! When you come back JWORK can really show you how we do! Better yet, we’ll bring the party to ya’ll! Everybody check out the site and the special promo code is actually just summerlove, no 09 on it!

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