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Hey world it’s your girl ReneeWoods and I would like to introduce yall to JWORK Limited! “Money cash clothes is what you need in life ” umm yeah the Money Cash Clothes T-shirt is definitely my favorite clothing item from JWORK Limited. They are repping Columbus, Ohio and honestly when me and my brother hung out there back in June I thought I was going to see cornfields and farms but it’s a decent city and they profile in the club just like we do in the DMV.¬† I went up in the club with some flats on like I was about to go party in some barn or something only to find myself in a club with a bunch of girls with the latest styles on and 5-inch heels standing against the wall.¬† Anyways JWORK stands for Justified Wealth of Real Kings so if you think you are a king as most men do you should check out JWORK Limited at Oh and ladies they have clothing¬† for yall too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Note: There is a special DISCOUNT for purchases over $50 for July and the promo code is summerlove.

JWORKS LIMITED OWNERS From L to R (Darrell Louis Hunter. C.M.O. Jwork Limited, Jermaine A. Jenkins. C.E.O. Jwork Limited, and Andre B. Wilson. C.O.O. Jwork Limited)