Some Crabz Belong In the D*mn Barrel- Bra’s


By: Urbansocialight

It’s ironic that I’m doing a post on bras because as people close to me know, I’m not a big fan of them myself. But I’m minding my business getting off of the train and I see this glaring fashion crime right before my very eyes!  Having on a tank and your bra straps showing… ummm, ok.  But actually having your whole bra out? That’s just plain reckless! If you have to wear a bra with this shirt, it’s not for you! I think what made it so bad was not only that her entire bra was out but that it was a white house bra!

Now some of our male readers may not be familiar with this term “house bra”. It’s not your Very Sexy Push-Up from Vicky’s that you wear to work or out to the club, it’s your, “I’m running errands, vacuuming, dusting and shit”-bra. The bra you would NEVER let your boo see you in and she’s got it all out and about for the public to see!

Words to the wise: for women who don’t have to wear bras, you’re lucky.  Anything goes for the summer.  Backless tops are a great choice. For ladies that must wear bras pick a top that doesn’t show the back portion of your bra.  It just ends up looking tacky and cheap, even if you spent a grip on the outfit. For tube tops, spaghetti straps, and other summer styles wear a strapless bra, a bra with clear straps, or a convertible bra that can be worn several ways. Victoria’s Secret now goes up to 40 DD in convertible/strapless bras and Lane Bryant goes up to 44 DD in convertible/strapless bras, (click the links, I’m not lying), so for most of the population there really isn’t an excuse. Until next time, get right before you leave the house, you never know when the crabzinabarrel spies will be watching!

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