In Your Closet- Peep Toe Boots

Solange and Rihanna

By: Manda J the Style Guru

Peep toe boots are the oxymoron of the fashion world. The initial point of a boot in the fall and wintertime is to protect your feet from the elements, but how are you going to protect your toe if it’s exposed? For those of you who (like me) live by the creed “FASHION over FUNCTION”, this minor detail doesn’t matter. Many designers and celebrities have taken a winter boot an turned it into a summer shoe by exposing the toe.

Solange is wearing Chanel (I ♥♥♥ Chanel) peep toe booties. The intricate woven pattern is simple and classic all at the same time. Rihanna is wearing lace up Miu Miu peep toe boots with a slight platform front. The boots have a tennis shoe appearance from the front thanks to the lace up ties. The Miu Miu boots don’t look as dressy as the Chanel boots, but they are just as haute.

To achieve this look that can carry you into the fall try Steve Madden or Go Jane. Go Jane makes affordable pair for the Chanel-esque look for $39.90. Steve Madden makes a nice buckle open toe shoe that retails for $49.99. If you are one of the few that are concerned with your feet actually getting cold pair the peep toe booties with a nice opaque tight in black or navy. Don’t be scared of colored tights. Done right colored tights can make the outfit.

2 thoughts on “In Your Closet- Peep Toe Boots”

  1. Love these shoes!!! As a self-proclaimed shoe-aholic, you know I vote for the “fashion” over “function” side. Nice job finding me the more affordable ones with the same look… cause girl you know I can’t afford to feed my obsession with Chanel in this recession!

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