You Belong in The Da*n Barrel LOL :) Trey Songz gets WACKNESS of the Week

By Urbansocialight

Today’s “Belong in the damn barrel” post is a little different. A song is getting put in the barrel. LOL :)? Is that a lyric? Music is getting completely out of hand! This bojangling coonery and buffoonery that is perpetrating itself as music belongs in a damn barrel! First of all, who decided it was smart idea to make an R&B song to the melody of a children’s song? I remember singing that song Frere Jacques in preschool. Now Trey Songz has turned an innocent childhood tune into an immature sex song. “Shorty just text me, says she want to sex me, Shorty sent a twitpic saying come and get this.”

Trey Songz was born in ’84 which makes him too old to think a song like this is acceptable. Plus, lol is so 1998. He’s not even using the good internet slang like ROTFLMAO (Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off) or GNR (Gotta N*gga Rolling) or IRNLJCTOAE2S (I’m Really Not Laughing Just Can’t Think Of Anything Else To Say). I can let Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane slide on this since neither of them have ever made a song with anything that could ever be considered profound or insightful. It’s Trey I’m concerned about. I used to be a fan, but I’m not so sure now.

Does anyone remember his first song, Just Gotta Make It? “Looking at you day after day, I know I just gotta make it.” That was a lyrical solid motivational love song. Since then Trey’s been on a downhill slide. I was suspicious after Wonder Woman but he redeemed himself a little with Drake on Successful (the video looks like it might be dope too). But LOL Smiley face is pathetic. My 8 year old God brother makes songs with better lyrics (really, JJ is pretty talented). Trey, get your life together. Embrace that the fact that you’re a grown ass man and not some texting, tweeting teenager! Just as long as his next song isn’t about blogging or YouTube, he’ll still have a fan in me…but until then Trey you’re the WACKNESS of the week, and you belong in the damn barrel!

2 thoughts on “You Belong in The Da*n Barrel LOL :) Trey Songz gets WACKNESS of the Week”

  1. OMG! Soooo true!!! I heard about this craziness called LOL smiley face weeks ago. But then I heard it introduced on the radio the other day as a Trey Songz hit and I was floored. He’s really lost credibility thanks to this. This song does deserve to go in the da*n bucket!! lol smiley face!

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