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Hey wassup it’s your girl ReneeWoods and I thought I would show everyone the flyer I saw that made me want to go to the 9:30 Club on Saturday, September 26. 2009.  Now, let me state the only artists on this flyer that actually performed were XO (who gave a good show and brought the rest of Diamond District out to perform) and Kingpen Slim (who also gave a good show).  Now if that ain’t some bullsh*t then I don’t know what is!

Early on Saturday through Twitter I did learn that some of the artists listed on the flyer were not performing, so I went to the 9:30 Club website and saw that Bun B, Kingpen Slim, and Phil Ade (his record label’s website also said he’d be there) were on the show so I still wanted to go. But somehow of these three only Kingpen Slim performed.  Now let me state some of the artists that performed were good but that’s not what we paid for. So, clearly this was a false flyer with some false *ss advertising! The promotion for this event sucked *ss. does not blame any of the artists we are upset with how the event was promoted.

Now honestly the entire night I just knew Bun B was about to come out but instead it was another act that wasn’t on this flyer or the 9:30 Club website.  And why the f*ck was it called the DMV South takeover?? There was no Lil Jon, Trillville, Yung Dro, Plies, T-Pain, SLim Thug, etc. etc. etc. etc. and there d*mn sure wasn’t no Bun B!  Before I finish this post I have one more question… why was Tabi Bonney’s picture next to Phil Ade’s name on the 9:30 Club website???  They don’t even look alike!  The following is a picture of that nonsense from their website.


The family still got a few pics of some of the artists that were there and Nonchalant was in the building ( that was pretty cool 🙂 ) peep the pics below. And oh yeah we also got some video footage (with Urbansocialight commenting in the background) of some disgruntled customers at the end of the night so peep that as well.  Update: The Washington Post, said that 9:30 Club is working on giving us two free tickets and refunds!!

Nonchalant & King Drizzy
Frayz/Midi East
2/3 of the Diamond District (X.O & Oddisee)
Kingpen Slim
Live Masterpiece by Demont "Peekaso" Pinder

Update- By Urbansocialight (after the jump)

So we’ve been getting some slack about our post and I’d like to clarify things.  Let me start at the beginning.   Our style columnist Manda J’s birthday is today (9/28).  For her birthday, she suggested going to the Bun B show since she’s a big UGK fan.  However, she is NOT a DMV hip-hop fan.  The people who were standing outside demanding their money back are not DMV hip-hop fans.  The girl who was pissed off and had on the “RIP Pimp C” T-shirt, was obliviously NOT a DMV hip-hop fan. 

Just because we are DMV hip-hop fans doesn’t mean we can’t also be UGK fans and actually want to see Bun B when he comes to town.  It’s like saying Beyoncé is going to perform and instead having Main Girl (and 10 other DMV singers) perform.  I like Main Girl, I listen to them all the time, but they aren’t Beyoncé!

I PAID for BUN B.  I wanted to see BUN B.  This has nothing to do with the artists who did perform.  We have supported and will continue to support them.   I loved X.O., I was standing in the front singing along with his lyrics. I loved Diamond District, I loved Midi East.  But I didn’t pay to see them.   I did pay to see Kingpen Slim and I enjoyed his portion of the show.  That is why we posted pictures of them (duh).   But at the end of the day Phil Ade was not there and BUN B, who was the headliner, WAS NOT THERE


First of all, it’s the promoters fault Mike Changko (whose phone # 301-395-6762), Ri$k Taker$, R-VIP, Big Moose, Kavon and B&K Production.  I thought ReneeWoods made that perfectly clear.  Second, it’s the 9:30 Club fault. I didn’t purchase my tickets through the promoter, I bought it from the 9:30 Club. 

We NEVER blamed the artists who were on the flyer.  We NEVER blamed the artist that did perform.  How is it their fault? They didn’t know.  Actually this was bad for them because they really thought that they were going to be opening for Bun B.  I couldn’t write a review of the artists that did perform because I wasn’t prepared to.  There were too many people performing and some of them didn’t even say their names!  Plus, there was no set list, except for the one that the 9:30 Club had, which said that that Bun B was performing at 1 a.m.

For the record: this is OUR blog, where we state OUR opinion.  If we lied and said that it was a good turn out and the crowd was happy, the promoter would continue to do this type of BULLSHIT! Promoters do this bullshit all the time but usually get away with it because it’s on a smaller scale.  Many blogs (expect for us) supported this event, posted & the fliers until the last minute when all of a sudden it was the promoters fault.  If you posted the flier, you helped promote a BULLSHIT event! 

We are putting them on BLAST and letting it be know that it’s NOT ok.  The Washington CityPaper has taken notice and the 9:30 Club said they won’t work with the promoter anymore…so I think the article was effective to the right people. 

Again we have supported DMV artists and will continue to, and they know that. 


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