In Your Closet: Boots


Well, it’s officially fall and you know what that means…BOOTS!  Boots come in all colors (black, brown, silver), material (leather, suede, man made leather) and lengths (thigh, mid calf, ankle). Boots can dress up an outfit or dress it down. It is important to know that most boots shouldn’t go with every outfit.

An Oldy But Goody
An Oldy But Goody


Casual boots, like Uggs, are for running errands. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen Victoria’s Secret Pink pants and Uggs!!! I cringe just thinking about it. Why not pair your Uggs with a casual pair of straight leg jeans instead. Uggs come in a variety of sizes and colors.  For $180.00 you can get Beyonce’s casual look.

Like Chanel Iman’s ankle booty boot look?  Well you can achieve it thanks to these stretch booties for $44.95 from

Affordable Booties
Affordable Booties

Mary J Bilge’s cognac tall boots are dressy enough for a premiere event and casual enough to be worn over boots. Get her look for $ 54.95 with the help of Rampage.

Spicy Rampage Boots
Spicy Rampage Boots

Here are my favorite boots for the fall so far and I got them from Target for….$29.99. Talk about recession friendly! 

Affordable Target Boots
Affordable Target Boots

To increase the longevity of your boots please, please, please take care of them!  We all know suede should not be seen in the rain, snow or any other type of precipitation.  If you purchase leather boots make sure you spray them with a leather spray. Don’t throw away a pair of boots if the heel gets messed up. Take it to a cobbler and let them work their magic! Until next time I’m Manda J., you’re Style Guru, telling you what should be In Your Closet.


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