The Washington Wizards…………..


With the NBA season starting in the next couple of weeks the Washington Wizards have been one of my favorite teams since I started playing basketball. For the past two seasons the Wizards have been on a downhill ever since their two key players been out with a wrist injury (Brendan Haywood) for most of the season and a nagging knee injury that sidelined Gilbert Arenas for 2.5 years. With these two players coming back to play they should help their team get back to where they started. The Wizards have some young players that can contribute right away depending on what Flip wants to do. They required some players by trades and free agency Foye, Oberto, and Miller that could take them even further in the playoffs maybe even the NBA Finals. I’m looking forward to the Wizards doing better than they did last year and hope they have a good season with Gilbert Arenas back in the mix. Check out some videos of Gilbert Arenas workout:

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