NY Fashion Week Keeps it Posh

By Manda J

New York Fashion week has begun! After looking at various designer’s lines via New York Magazine’s Fashion Show (click here to visit).  I certain lines have me lusting for certain garments. One such line is Victoria Beckham’s line. Victoria Beckham AKA Posh Spice is my favorite Spice Girl.  This is VB’s fourth season designing and she seems to have found her niche. 

Her RTW Fall 2010 dresses are very stylish chic with a twist of sass thrown in. We are so used to see the classic Grecian form of draping, but this style of draping border line absurd amount of excess fabric…but it works. An extra yard here and you have a new look. She chose to use colors ranging from black to sapphire. These don’t seem like typical fall colors, but I am happy that someone has broken up the monotony of the usual burnt orange and red.  Here are some of my favorite looks. I can see Michelle O is quite a few of these dresses with her standard cinched waist.

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