VMA Fashion Recap

By Urbansocialight

This year the VMA’s were extra classy swapping out the red carpet for a white one.  Katy Perry wore more clothes than usual sporting a cute little nude, black lace, and white tutu like skirt.  Loved.

Next was a performance by the clown also known as Nicki Minaj. The tacky homegirls from outer space outfit, ugly pink beehive, bad lip syncing and 80’s aerobics “dance” moves were all down right pathetic.  Please go away.  What was worse than Nicki was Will.i.Am who popped out in black-face!  Is this a minstrel show?!  Dude, I know you’re into being unique but being in black-face is just absurd!  Together they looked the hoodrat Power Rangers from Planet Sellout.


Let’s move on from the coonery to costuming done right in the form of Ms. Gaga who was head to toe she was in Alexander McQueen from his last collection.  Lady Gaga looked brilliant in his last creation.  He was a true visionary.   Another beauty was Ciara in Givenchy; sexy but not skanky.  Love.  More pics after the jump…

The men also looked great.  Usher, Justin B and Justin T all showed up appropriately dressed in all black. Haley Williams and Paramore showed up looking like the rock stars they are.  My favorite hip hop group N.E.R.D. also made an appearance kind of looking like they were going to a house party and not the “white carpet”.

Eminem was the opening act and did a great job.  The audience was warned that Rihanna would not be present as she was shooting her first movie but midway through the performance she made an appearance.  She looked like a mixed between a prairie girl and disco diva.  I didn’t get it but she actually sounded pretty good.  I think know she’s had some vocal training.

Another big surprise for the night was Cher who introduced Video of the Year.  She was dressed like Cher, no comment.  She ended up giving the award to Lady Gaga who was dressed the weird Raw Meat outfit again.  Ummm… I would have stayed away.  Haven’t you heard out all bacteria raw meat carries?  Yuck!  PETA’s also going to be on her butt.

Overall the award show was pretty good.  The highlights were Justin B., Linkin Park, B.o.B and Haley Williams (singing the song right!) and a standout performance from the Musical Savant Mr. Kanye West that had the crowd chanting “Kanye, Kanye, Kanye!” at the end like this was Mr. West concert.  But he was dressed like Eddie Murphy in RAW with all that red and gold chains.  I’m know sure how I feel about it.

All pictures from Getty Images.  More Pics Below.

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