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VMA Fashion Recap

By Urbansocialight

This year the VMA’s were extra classy swapping out the red carpet for a white one.  Katy Perry wore more clothes than usual sporting a cute little nude, black lace, and white tutu like skirt.  Loved.

Next was a performance by the clown also known as Nicki Minaj. The tacky homegirls from outer space outfit, ugly pink beehive, bad lip syncing and 80’s aerobics “dance” moves were all down right pathetic.  Please go away.  What was worse than Nicki was Will.i.Am who popped out in black-face!  Is this a minstrel show?!  Dude, I know you’re into being unique but being in black-face is just absurd!  Together they looked the hoodrat Power Rangers from Planet Sellout.


Let’s move on from the coonery to costuming done right in the form of Ms. Gaga who was head to toe she was in Alexander McQueen from his last collection.  Lady Gaga looked brilliant in his last creation.  He was a true visionary.   Another beauty was Ciara in Givenchy; sexy but not skanky.  Love.  More pics after the jump…

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Think Pink…Think Again!

By Urbansocialight

One of my family members showed me this hot ghetto mess of a picture. And I knew she had deserved to be in the damn barrel. I’ve just got so many questions for a chick like this! Why on earth would anyone in their right mind put a full head of pink tracks in their hair?  Do you think it’s so cute that you want to get your picture taken with it in and actually show it around? How is anyone supposed to take you seriously? How are you supposed to get a job?  And on top of the tackiness of the whole situation, the tracks are just BAD! It’s stacked on top of her head like those 1992 beehive weaves, don’t you know anyone who could put in some 2010 tracks for you? This is just G-H-E-T-T-O! This is what ignorant white people think of when they think of the black girls. You are a walking stereotype.

Kitti and Nicki Think Subtle Pink

While one should not be afraid of color, please don’t go over board. For us grown ups that have jobs we’d like to keep, try a subtle hint of color in the back like Kittie from Let’s Talk About Pep or Nicki Minaj. To this poor thing: grow up, get a good weave in a natural color and NEVER, I repeat, NEVER distribute this picture in public like it’s cute. It’s not. You’ve been dumped in the barrel and the lid has been nailed shut. We never want to see this 1992 hood weave again. Until next time, be very careful about who show your pictures to, they might submit your ass to belong in the damn barrel!