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Kenzie May and Wiz Khalifa

No not together, although it would be great if they did a collabo,  just some youtube clips.  Kenzie May at band rehearsal (sounds like she is great live but we knew that) and a cool Wiz Khalifa video to his new song “Know Your Name” (not sure if its official but its dope).

Kenzie May

What is there to say about this girl.  She is an amazing talent.  We love her over here at crabzinabarrel.  Back in Feburary we posted a cover she did to Passion Pit’s “Sleepy Head” which was pure genius.  Here is her latest video on youtube which is once again excellent.  She does a quick medley of songs you will recognize mixed with some of her own original music.  Speaking of original music.  She isn’t just a cover artist.  Check out the link to her myspace page at the bottom for some of her most recent work.   You will definitely like what you hear.   You can also follow her on twitter,  And as always, crabzinabarrel will continue to keep you posted on any new music from this UK songstress.   Someone sign this girl ASAP!

Kenzie May music.

Kenzie May- Sleepyhead (A Cappella Cover)

We’re going international with this one.  Kenzie May is an artist out of the UK and she has crazy talent.  Here she does a cover of Sleepyhead by Passion Pit with nothing but her voice and a hand claps.  As you can see its pretty crazy.  She sings, writes her own music and plays the piano and guitar.   Someone needs to sign this girl to a record deal ASAP and bring her to the US.   I’ve been a fan since I saw her in a video on youtube with Dyme-A-Duzin.  Check out her myspace page for some of her original music.