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Mz Mimz Mixtape



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        Hello world!!! Happy Miserable Monday to all my crabz out there!!!!  It’s your girl ReneeWoods and I am excited because the anticipated Mz. Mimz mixtape  “Thoughts While Getting Dressed… A Mixtape” is coming out this week . On June 23 you can download the mixtape from Mz Mimz is a talented artist with an incredible voice and if you don’t believe me just check out the youtube video below of her performance at SOB’s. You should also check out her myspace at .


’06 Asi x Che “The Grand Opening”

The Grand Opening
The Grand Opening

These are few tracks from Asi’s ’06 mixtape “The Grand Opening”… this is from the pre A.I. Love You days when Che was Che Montana & Asi was well… Asi.  Che produced 4 out of these 5 tracks, the beats are outstanding, I’m trying to convince him to go back to that sound for a few new tracks… maybe I’ll  leak the entire”The Grand Opening” mixtape as a special gift for you backpackers.

Milly July “Sneak Chamber” Mixtape


I had this mixtape sitting around for like a couple of weeks now, but I actually had a chance to listen to the mixtape today, while I was on my long bus ride home. I really did enjoy the music. I’m glad to see a lot of women from the area doing their thing when it comes to making music. She reps Bmore and you can check her out on myspace at



Sneak Chamber – 60596561c12d0db4

El Solo Dolo

He’s Outasight I tell U!


I’ve been following this dude for awhile now. He can rap and he can carry a tune unlike others. He had a mixtape that dropped several months ago and it was pretty good. I was actually surpised. Download his mixtape below and check out his myspace page at In the meantime check out his video he has for Good Evening.




Big Sean – Glenwood


Check out this new track from Big Sean featuring Kanye West called “Glenwood.” I personally think he’s better than Drake and I can’t wait for the album to drop in October if that’s the release date. He’s with G.O.O.D. Music people. So you know his album going to be a banger.

Glewood – 6102479249bd2ebc

If you don’t have his mixtapes you need to download them both. Go over to and download Finally Famous and UKNOWBIGSEAN Volume 2.


A.I. Love You – “Sincerely Yours” Mixtape

front cover

I want to introduce you to a group by the name of A.I. Love You. They are a brother duo that consists of Che, as the producer and Asi, as the rapper. These two are really doing the damn thing. The creativity and the passion these two have for music is out of this world. They are bringing something new to the game with their approach to music.  No kill, kill murder music here.  Just something cool, new and fresh, just in time for summer.  This is cruising music.

Download  A.I. Love You- “Sincerely Yours”  mixtape  here. Your girl will thank you!

Check out a couple of tracks below:

No Fishing/ Bumble Bee