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Some New Music – Kendrick Lamar O.verly D.edicated

Apparently this was first released for sale on itunes for 5.99 but he decided to give it away as a free EP.  Well I aint gonna argue with that.  Only thing better than good music is free good music. Over all this is a solid project a couple of out of place tracks here and there but I aint complaining.  Definitely worth the download and listen.  Some definite gems in here like “P&P 1.5”, “Average Joe”, “H.O.C.”, “Cut You Off” and many more.

Kendrick Lamar – O.verly D.edicated (Mixtape)

Childish Gambino

By Urbansocialight

So, I’ve been following Childish Gambino for a while now, but I’ve been too scared to do a post about him for risk that I’ll sound like a stalker.  While I haven’t reached stalker status quite yet, I do want him to father at least one of my children (if not all of them).  If you don’t know, Childish Gambino is the stage name of the multi-talented Donald Glover.  Most people know him as Troy, the token black guy on the NBC hit show Community.  Everyone knows I’m obsessed with music, which would be reason enough to love this guy but and this to the fact that he is cute, funny, and smart (he’s NYU alum) means I’m down for the count!

He bares similarities to the champ of the mainstream rap game right now Drake, but I’d venture to say that Childish Gambino is better.  Both young MC’s switch from rapping to singing but unlike Drake but Childish has a flawless execution and a much better singing voice.  Both are actors, in addition to being rappers and singers, but Childish actually has a current show on TV.  On top of that, he’s a comic and a writer for the hit show 30 Rock.  I mean when does this kid sleep?!   He’s not gangsta but he’s cocky with it declaring on the track Untouchable, “Online dudes shout that they’re better than me.  I’m doing three other jobs, b*tch you better be! Cause if you’re trying really hard, that’s embarrassing.  I won’t stop until I’m f*cking running everything!”  Well, damn.

If you’re into cool kid rappers, he’s it. Get. Hip. Quick.

Follow Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino on Twitter @MrDonaldGlover

Visit his website:

Download Culdesac here

Download the new single Untouchable here

Check out Childish Gambino- Got This Money…I like it better than the album version.

Young Swift 2010 Mixtape

There’s always going to be someone that drops something better than the next man. I want to introduce you all to Young Swift. I don’t know much about him, but you know I’m going to find more info. on dude because he’s nice with it. I think Drake has some competition. Drake better watch out because this dude is coming to dead the fucking game. Young Swift is also with Akon, so you know he’s going to get that proper promotion. Click the link below for Young Swift 2010 mixtape.

Young Swift – 2010


ATL rapper Rasheeda has been making moves for years. She started as a teenager in a rap trio called the Da Kaperz before going solo in 2001 with the release of  “Do It” featuring Pastor Troy.  I remember seeing the video and thinking she looked like Aalyiah as a rapper.  She stayed on her grind doing a feature with Cherish called “A Chick Like Me” and got a regional hit with “Bubble Gum”.

Now Rasheeda is back with some fire for these new school rap chicks with the mixtape Boss Bitch Music.  Her newest singles are covers of the two major hits “Say Something” featuring Nivea (Who KILLS Drake with her hook!) and “O Let’s Do It” where she’s goes on the other chicks in the game right now.  “I’m that new IT girl, minus the fake butt” I just have a feeling she might be the next big thing.  Her swag is SO serious! I’m posting those videos plus the old school “Do It” joint. Follow Rasheeda on Twitter @rasheedagapeach.

Download Boss Bitch Music and Say Something featuring Nivea.