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The Way I See It- PHZ-Sicks

PHZ-Sicks5 PHZ-Sicks

The Way I See It, is a new guest blog feature for  Every week for an entire month, we will feature a guest blogger who will tell us the way they see it.  Our first guest blogger, PHZ-Sicks, is repping VA to the fullest and making sure the DMV is getting its due shine.  He’s a versatile rhymer with a hype live show.  With this blog, he shows that he’s also a good writer with a unique view, calling for DMV UNITY so the DMV can take over this music ish!

The Calm By PHZ-Sicks

There’s a storm a brewin’. There’s calmness in the air, stillness. Those that have witness the potential change this storm could have on the landscape are bracing themselves and wishing for the best. What is this storm? It’s the DMV, but more specifically, the music. This year has proving to be a great start from where we see ourselves in the future (an area that is on par with NY and ATL in the industry). Right now, the DMV is currently in the calm before the storm.

The Sound of Thunder

This region’s music has been slowly spreading itself around the nation and world. I would not be writing about this subject if I didn’t think recent events in the industry backed up the facts. Just look at the stats: Wale, signed to Allido/Interscope/RocNation, & Tabi Bonney has taken the sound, visuals, and feel of DC globally, R&B singer Kevin Ross just signed a publishing deal with Akon’s KonLive, Don Juan signed with Jive, RAtheMC rocked the stage for MTV’s VMA Best Breakout Artist, Pro’Verb “rocked the bells” from MD to LA, Tae Barz did his thing on 106 & Park, Studio 43 w/ XO & Marky are making moves, Lady A gets her video picked up by MTV, Phil Ade went on tour with the likes of J. Cole and the Clipse, Wayna & Koyaki was a Grammy nominee and the list goes on endlessly (lets also throw in The Beat Ya Feet Kings who were on America’s Best Dance Crew). In the time I’ve been in the area (15 years), I’ve never seen this much activity musically and for it to be so exciting. On the same night, you could be in a packed club watching Don Juan & Wale tear shit down and further down the street another artist is rocking a crowd with the room also packed. Each week, there seems to always be a performance that everybody is going too. At this rate, every place considered a lounge or clubs are going to have to build a stage just so they could profit off this.

There are two things I believe are the cost this musical expansion: the ability to perform/put on a show & the individuality in our music.

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The Circus

Ndelible2 Ndelible


Hey world Happy Miserable Monday!!!!!!!! It’s your girl ReneeWoods and some members of the family went to The Circus at the Expo on Saturday, August 22, 2009.  The lineup included the following acts: ZXL ( , Mindsone (, Ndelible ( , Lauren Schreiber (http://www.m, PHZ-Sicks (, and the Five One Band (  I have to be honest with everyone and state I almost didn’t make it out the house with all that drizzle and nonsense that was going on because I didn’t want to sweat out my natural short hair lol.  The show was EXCELLENT and there are more pics of the artists that performed at The Circus and video footage of Ndelible, Lauren Schreiber, and PHZ-Sicks when you read the rest of the entry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mindsone1 Mindsone

LaurenS1 Lauren Schreiber

PHZ-Sicks PHZ-Sicks

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