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He’s Outasight I tell U!


I’ve been following this dude for awhile now. He can rap and he can carry a tune unlike others. He had a mixtape that dropped several months ago and it was pretty good. I was actually surpised. Download his mixtape below and check out his myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/iamoutasight. In the meantime check out his video he has for Good Evening.





Diamond District’s “In The Ruff”


There has only been one album that has been getting constant rotation in my IPOD and that’s Diamond District’s “In The Ruff.”  “In the Ruff” reminds me of when I actually fell in love with hip hop. They took it back with the lyrics and the production. Download “In the Ruff” if you are a true hip hop head. “In The Ruff” has to go down as a classic from the DMV, in my opinion. Xo, Yu, and Oddisee  raised the bar to another level.

My Favorite song from “In the Ruff”:

“The Shining”

Diamond District’s “In the Ruff”:



A.I. Love You – “Sincerely Yours” Mixtape

front cover

I want to introduce you to a group by the name of A.I. Love You. They are a brother duo that consists of Che, as the producer and Asi, as the rapper. These two are really doing the damn thing. The creativity and the passion these two have for music is out of this world. They are bringing something new to the game with their approach to music.  No kill, kill murder music here.  Just something cool, new and fresh, just in time for summer.  This is cruising music.

Download  A.I. Love You- “Sincerely Yours”  mixtape  here. Your girl will thank you!

Check out a couple of tracks below:

No Fishing/ Bumble Bee