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XO- Blah Blah

By Urbansocialight

One of the original crabz that we’ve wanted to blow XO just dropped his third video of the album ONE ONE TEN.  I’m in love the with video! It’s shot in the streets of the D.C. and is really visually stimulating, it keeps you watching! Shouts to Studio 43 and 1st Impression for this one.   Good look…no GREAT LOOK!  In case you haven’t already: Download XO-ONE ONE TEN.

Diamond District-Euro Tour

By Urbansocialight

One of my favorite hip-hop groups Diamond District (Oddisee, Y.U. and X.O.) just came off of their first (but definately not last) European tour which also featured Trek Life and DJ Quartermaine.   Oddisee (who’s also a gifted photographer) captured flix and pics of them on the road.  To celebrate their first tour, we’re posting some of the footage from the tour!

I listen to “In the Ruff” every other day, no B.S.  I even listen to the clean verison at work so as not to offend the coworkers, lol.

Please support them, because they make real hip hop music.  Download Diamond District on iTunes.

I’d love to see a collabo w/ them and an ill female rapper like Boog Brown.  That would make my life 🙂 Anywho enjoy the vids!

X.O. ~ Do It


By Urbansocialight

This is a new track from a CrabzInaBarrel.com fav, X.O. His new track is called “Do It” and X.O. is telling us why he does what he does so well. Earlier this week The Washington Post wrote about the now infamous 9:30 Club show, saying that X.O. (and Kingpen Slim) “showed great potential”. They’re just reinforcing what the rest of us already know! This track is the first leak off of X.O.’s upcoming project “One One Ten”. Enjoy, cuz he’s doing it for you!

X.O.- “Do It” Click here to listen

Diamond District’s “In The Ruff”


There has only been one album that has been getting constant rotation in my IPOD and that’s Diamond District’s “In The Ruff.”  “In the Ruff” reminds me of when I actually fell in love with hip hop. They took it back with the lyrics and the production. Download “In the Ruff” if you are a true hip hop head. “In The Ruff” has to go down as a classic from the DMV, in my opinion. Xo, Yu, and Oddisee  raised the bar to another level.

My Favorite song from “In the Ruff”:

“The Shining”

Diamond District’s “In the Ruff”:



Wale+ Tabi Bonney+ X.O. and More- Rock the Vote @ 9:30 Club

Wale+ Tabi Bonney+ X.O. and More- Rock the Vote @ 9:30 Club

Recap by Renee Woods


Wale + Tre of UCB
Wale + Tre of UCB


As we headed to the 9:30 Club for the Wale show Wednesday night, my chief concern was parking. It ended up not even being an issue; it only took me two minutes to find a spot but like ten minutes to actually park. Hey I’m a MD driver; my parallel parking ain’t the best. Walking to the club, UrbanSocialight and I met a cool white guy headed to the show too, so we ended up chatting it up with him. Headed toward the will call line, we spotted another CNB member Mark. Unlike the Bmore show last week, we actually had to stand in line since we didn’t have the hook up (shoutout to Jamar, thanks homie!).

We picked up our tickets but since we’re always “fashionably late” we missed Wordsmith and Phil Ade, who I heard were both hot, so please myspace them. Side Note: It’s worth mentioning that 9:30 Club events start and end on time.

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