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Last night CrabzInBarrel.com attended a Welcome Home Party for our new hometown hero’s: UCB!  Here in the DMV, we’ve known about UCB for years.  But after serving as the house band for the MTV VMA’s last Sunday, we’re pretty sure UCB is going to be a household name.  After spending most of the year on Wale’s highly successful “Attention Deficit Tour” and being surrounded with megastars like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Kid Cudi, Pitbull and The All-American Rejects, UCB isn’t too good to come back home and hang with the people.  They came back, humble as ever and granted us the honor of an interview.

They gave us the inside scoop of the craziness that was the VMA’s (including what Jay-Z REALLY thought about Lil’ Mama!), what the band’s plans are in the future and how us CRABZ can make it out the barrel!  We were in a club, so the sound wasn’t great, but it was still an awesome interview.  Thanks guys!

Shouts to Byrd too, she really held it down!


From left to right Stan (guitarist), Eric (drums), Slump (percussionist), and Dax (their manager).

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Wale+ Tabi Bonney+ X.O. and More- Rock the Vote @ 9:30 Club

Wale+ Tabi Bonney+ X.O. and More- Rock the Vote @ 9:30 Club

Recap by Renee Woods


Wale + Tre of UCB
Wale + Tre of UCB


As we headed to the 9:30 Club for the Wale show Wednesday night, my chief concern was parking. It ended up not even being an issue; it only took me two minutes to find a spot but like ten minutes to actually park. Hey I’m a MD driver; my parallel parking ain’t the best. Walking to the club, UrbanSocialight and I met a cool white guy headed to the show too, so we ended up chatting it up with him. Headed toward the will call line, we spotted another CNB member Mark. Unlike the Bmore show last week, we actually had to stand in line since we didn’t have the hook up (shoutout to Jamar, thanks homie!).

We picked up our tickets but since we’re always “fashionably late” we missed Wordsmith and Phil Ade, who I heard were both hot, so please myspace them. Side Note: It’s worth mentioning that 9:30 Club events start and end on time.

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