Some Crabz Belong in the D*mn Barrel!

Leggings Gone Wrong
Leggings Gone Wrong

Anyone who knows me knows I’m completely guilty of wearing leggings instead of pants.  But there are a couple of rules for this practice.  First, unless you are wearing high quality liquid leggings, your shirt should cover your butt.  Second, if for any reason your butt is not covered, it should be free from lumps and/or granny panties.  Lastly, it is never, [I repeat] NEVER acceptable to tuck your shirt into your leggings!  That’s like tucking your shirt into your tights…it’s just not a good look.

Lumps & Leggings Don't Mix
Lumps & Leggings Don't Mix

Honey child, you just look plain foolish.  Clearly these cheap leggings are as sheer as dollar store panty hose, so you really should have known better.

Fashion victims beware! You never know when or where my fashion spies are hiding; don’t let us catch you slipping!

By Urbansocialight

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