Show Recap: Santigold at 9:30 Club

Ms. Santi White aka Santigold
Ms. Santi White aka Santigold

Concert Review + Photos by Urbansocialight

Santigold (formerly Santogold because one of those corny ass “sell me your old gold” companies was threatening to sue her), sold out her DC show at the 9:30 Club within the first two days. They went on sale on a Wednesday and when I thought to buy my ticket it was Friday and it was already sold out. Being a huge fan from day one, I was totally boosted when I scored a last minute ticket Tuesday night off of craigslist.

Trouble Andrew opened for Santi and his band rocked. What would have been a good solid performance was diminished by the lead singer and his semi-wannabe Malibu gangster attire and attitude.

Trouble Andrew
Trouble Andrew

He even declared mid way through the show; “DC, I ain’t scared of you!” We damn sure ain’t scared of your scrawny white ass either.

Amanda Blank and Devlin & Darko were up next and they killed their set. The DJ duo rocked out while Amanda Blank spit hipster rhymes to their dope beats. I loved knowing that I wasn’t the only chick that hates pants but Amanda might have me beat because she doesn’t even believe in leggings.

Amanda Blank Delvin and Darko
Amanda Blank Delvin and Darko

She also could’ve waited until after her set to finish drinking; we all know what’s in that red cup.

When Santigold busted on stage I was expecting to see her signature blond tresses but the hipster diva switched it up with some fresh tracks (weave that is), white skinny jeans, and drapey top; she looked super sexy! She performed all the goodies like Say Ah, Lights Out and Anne.

Four words…”Brooklyn we go hard” and the crowd went crazy! She dropped her verse from her popular track with Jay-Z. I personally can’t stand that track because it ruins my very favorite Santigold song. So I was excited as hell when she transitioned from that into my fav Shove It!


The unexpected show stopper was when Santi hit Soulja Boy’s Turn My Swag On! Santi said although the song had nothing to do with her, she performs it every night, “we gotta get money, right?” I instantly loved her even more!

Sanitgold ended the show with songs like Unstoppable, Superman, a cover of The Cure’s Killing An Arab and I’m a Lady. She also did the I’m A Lady Diplo Remix where Amanda Blank spits the LL Cool J verse of I Need Love lady style, of course. Santi even had the guys singing along all loud “I’m a lady!”…ummm really? It was funny.

An SG1
An SG1

I must mention her dancers, SG1. They were insanely cute with their gold biker jackets and robotic dance movements. They reminded me of Bernie from the 80’s movie “Weekend At Bernie’s” completely stiff in between songs, only dancing when the music was playing.

Santi called some fans onto stage to dance for during her performance of Creator, but warned fans against messing with SG1 calling them “some bad ass bitches” who “punch and kick”.

After a false ending, she came back out and performed Starstruck and finally ended with B.O.O.T.A.Y featuring Amanda Blank. The show overall kicked ass.

I love Santi for gracing DC with her presence. Although I wasn’t in the front, like I usually am, I still enjoyed myself and felt her energy in the mist of the crowd.


When we first started this blog, this was one of the first post’s I ever wrote.  To date, it continues to be one of our most popular posts ever.  Since I know everyone wants to see more pictures, I finally got around to creating a slide show of all the pictures from that night.  As I explained before, I was in the back the pictures aren’t that great.  But if you want shots of Amanda Blank’s ass, I’ve got plenty.  Enjoy!! ~Urbansocialight

One thought on “Show Recap: Santigold at 9:30 Club”

  1. Haha good review, I was at the show and was one of the lucky few to go on stage. All out blast! If you have more photos of the show I’d love to see them…Friends were too drunk to to take decent pictures when I got to go up :-p

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