Columbus, Ohio got talent people


I want to introduce you all to Illness. He’s a pretty talented rapper that reps Columbus, Ohio. He’s ready to be taken seriously and wants to put the city of Columbus on his back.  Check him out on myspace at Also, watch out for the interview and freestyle he did for


Here’s his boy too , Yung Soja. They both rep the same crew and the same area code. He’s another talented rapper that I had the privilege of hearing for the first time and was highly impressed. Check his myspace page out at

10 thoughts on “Columbus, Ohio got talent people”

  1. IMC is in the BUILDING!!!!!!! Much love to all of yall especially my bro’s E and Joe! Keep grinding and i’ll stay grinding wit yall!

  2. yo i remember the rappin days back in high school congrats on takin a step towards ya’lls careers dont give up the dream

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