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IMC in the Building………………….


Here some new music from IMC they rep Columbus, Ohio to the fullest. Pay close attention to them because they about to be something to mess with.

Illness (Last Hope) – q18lzv

Yunng Soja (I’m About Mine) – f8xh29

Yungg Soja (All My Love) – jo1fzs

Illness, Lil Sam, Flex, and Young Soja (Jump On) – stjk0r

Mixtape from Lil Sam

its my world official mixtape cover 1

Link to Mixtape – a9ie3i


IMC Again People


I introduced you all to Illness and Yung Soja awhile back. They released a mixtape  that I wanted to share with all. Please download the mixtape and support their movement. You will be seeing more of them on crabzinabarrel. Look out for them folks cuz they about be something serious in the DMV even tho the rep Ohio. Like I told you both I got yall. Shout out to IMC.

Illness and Yung Soja Check My Swag – 6388548215ea200b

Columbus, Ohio got talent people


I want to introduce you all to Illness. He’s a pretty talented rapper that reps Columbus, Ohio. He’s ready to be taken seriously and wants to put the city of Columbus on his back.  Check him out on myspace at Also, watch out for the interview and freestyle he did for


Here’s his boy too , Yung Soja. They both rep the same crew and the same area code. He’s another talented rapper that I had the privilege of hearing for the first time and was highly impressed. Check his myspace page out at