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Drake Decides To Focus on Rapping

Drake recently revealed that he’s taking a break from working on his highly-anticipated R&B mixtape, ‘It’s Never Enough,’ to focus more seriously on rapping.

“I been rapping a lot lately,” Drake told MTV. “Me and [producer] 40 have been doing some great rap music, so I sort of took a hiatus on the R&B for a second. It’s cool to do R&B, I love it, but it’s just hard for me to always commit to it. Because some nights, I get in there and 40’s beats, as melodic or R&B-driven as they may be, just have that right pocket that I just wanna spit.”

Though fans seemed excited for ‘It’s Never Enough,’ Drake revealed that, while he takes a break from R&B, he’ll be working on the followup album to his platinum-selling debut, ‘Thank Me Later.’

“I’ve now completed the second song for my album,” he explained. “So I only had one song before for the new album; two nights ago, I did the second song. I’m loving it. I’m loving the sound. I’m excited again.”



This is great news if you are like me and can’t stand it when Drake starts to sing ballads.  Let’s be honest the kid aint a singer and is 100x better as a rapper.   When I hear him sing I get nauseated.  I’m glad he is deciding to stay in his lane.  Lets hope that RnB mixtape never gets released.

The Realness

Childish Gambino

By Urbansocialight

So, I’ve been following Childish Gambino for a while now, but I’ve been too scared to do a post about him for risk that I’ll sound like a stalker.  While I haven’t reached stalker status quite yet, I do want him to father at least one of my children (if not all of them).  If you don’t know, Childish Gambino is the stage name of the multi-talented Donald Glover.  Most people know him as Troy, the token black guy on the NBC hit show Community.  Everyone knows I’m obsessed with music, which would be reason enough to love this guy but and this to the fact that he is cute, funny, and smart (he’s NYU alum) means I’m down for the count!

He bares similarities to the champ of the mainstream rap game right now Drake, but I’d venture to say that Childish Gambino is better.  Both young MC’s switch from rapping to singing but unlike Drake but Childish has a flawless execution and a much better singing voice.  Both are actors, in addition to being rappers and singers, but Childish actually has a current show on TV.  On top of that, he’s a comic and a writer for the hit show 30 Rock.  I mean when does this kid sleep?!   He’s not gangsta but he’s cocky with it declaring on the track Untouchable, “Online dudes shout that they’re better than me.  I’m doing three other jobs, b*tch you better be! Cause if you’re trying really hard, that’s embarrassing.  I won’t stop until I’m f*cking running everything!”  Well, damn.

If you’re into cool kid rappers, he’s it. Get. Hip. Quick.

Follow Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino on Twitter @MrDonaldGlover

Visit his website: www.iamdonald.com

Download Culdesac here

Download the new single Untouchable here

Check out Childish Gambino- Got This Money…I like it better than the album version.

RAtheMC– Heart of a Champion

By Urbansocialight

Fresh off the plane from the Motherland, I made my way to the listening party for our girl RAtheMC and her new LP “Heart of a Champion”.  I have to say I’m in love with the new project.  RA is now down with the Studio 43 movement and it seems like a match made in hip-hop heaven.  Her slick rhymes over AB the PRO beats are magic!  Not only does she give us the hard hitting verses of hip-hop veteran but she sings like a hummingbird in spring.   Before the end of the night I knew all the words to chorus of “One Shot”.   It’s sort of addictive.

Heart of a Champion” just dropped Tuesday on DJBooth.net and has already garnished features on Washingtonpost.com and ABC 7’s website. Not to mention RA had the honor of performing with the legend Nas on Sunday night.  The CNB fam has been following her for a long time and is really proud to see her come so far!

Be sure to download the mixtape and support RAtheMC!  Follow her on Twitter @RAtheMC and #HeartofaChampion!!

Pics of RAtheMC, El Solo Dolo and I at the party after the jump 🙂

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Drake Interview and more….

Check out this Drake Interview:

Personally, I know I’m going to get a lot of hate from this post, but I’m going to voice my opinion about Drake. I never really understood why people love Drake so much. I’m not going to lie, I liked Drake there for a second. I recently got off the Drake train. In my opinion he’s a talented dude, however I see nothing special coming from this dude. I hope he’s not on Hov’s official single dropping in July.  I would be highly dissapointed. I hope all this hype over dude turns into a good album.