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Lil Wayne: The Road to Rikers (part 1)

By Urbansocialight

Ok, so Lil Wayne is not currently an unknown talent, but I still remember seeing this little dude in the BG- Bling Bling video thinking he was little bamma, now he’s got more tracks and more bread than almost any other rapper in the game. It was self fulfilling prophecy. When Jay-Z “retired” Wayne said “I’m the best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired.” When he said it, people laughed and said he was tripping and he wasn’t sh*t  (crabzinabarrel, right?) but he worked hard and next thing you know, people started say, “Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive!”

Whether you believe Lil Wayne is the best rapper ever is not is NOT the point. It’s that you have to believe in yourself because that’s all that matters!

Lil Wayne went to jail today but before he went he shot 7 music videos, got dental surgery, and hit the studio dropped hella new tracks.   He has proved that believing in your self and working hard does pay off (even if you got to do a little time).  This was the first of several videos he gave directly to MTV before he went in to let everyone know what he was up to.

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OJ Da Juiceman XXL Freshman ’10 Freestyle

By TheRealness

So once again XXL is releasing their annual freshman class.  This year includes some favorites like Pill, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and J. Cole to name a few.  But the freshman that has everyone buzzing is OJ Da Juiceman.  He is about to kill the game this year (literally).   Check out his hot freestyle for the freshman 2010 promo that will have you nodding your head (or slitting your wrist).

As you can see Da Juiceman is bout to set the game on fire (Hip Hop is dead so might as well cremate it right?). was lucky enough to run into Da Juiceman and he blessed us with this hot new freestyle.   This right here is a crabzinabarrel exclusive you won’t find this anywhere else but here (unfortunately we can’t say the same about OJ Da Juiceman).

Much props to OJ Da Juiceman for reminding us why we started this blog.

Common Market

By Urbansocialight

So during the DMV’s Snowpocalypse 2010, I was able to catch up on a lot of stuff.  I actually cleaned up which was a task in and of itself.  I caught up on some movies and some TV.  And while watching CurrenTV I stumbled upon a show on music from the Pacific Northwest.  Most of the bands were a little weird even for my taste, but I did however discover the hip-hop genius duo out of Seattle known as: Common Market.

Common Market is your typical 1 rapper (Ryan “RA Scion” Abeo) and 1 producer/DJ (Alexei Saba “Sabzi” Mohajerjasbi), but with atypical results.   No newbies in the game, the pair has been making music together since 2005, and it’s clear they’ve reached a comfortable stride together; it just sounds right.  So good in fact that KRS-One invited the on tour with him after hearing an advanced copy of their first album also called “Common Market”.  Since then, they’ve released 3 more projects together, including the critically acclaimed “Tobacco Road”.

If anyone is longing to hear music that is both genuine and relevant;  smart and funny, then you will be able to appreciate Common Market.  While it was snowing I kept watching the video for their track “Tobacco and Snow Covered Roads”, in which RA Scion spit about typical plights of a rapper, shows getting cancelled, other rappers stealing beats, beef, all while he just really wants to dig out of the snow to get a pack of cigarettes.  You’ll love “Trouble Is” which tells the story of a farmer, who is rejected by the community where he settles.  I can only assume it’s a metaphor for gain acceptance in the hip-hop community.  You know typical CrabzInABarrel behavior.

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