Is Microsoft Serious?

E3 just passed last week and Microsoft released a trailer that I can’t even believe with my own eyes. The trailer actually demostrates that when you play a videogame in the future you will no longer need a controller to play a game. Everything you do will be motion sensor. This videogame stuff is getting out of line to me. Whatever happen to just playing a videogame and not being worried about the next neat thing to drop.

The Kings of Leon


I’m over on Twitter and I see Kid Cudi’s post. He mentioned a group by the name of Kings of Leon. So, knowing me I had to do some research on this group because I never heard of them before. I actually found out that they have been around for a minute. I’m kind of glad that I’m finding new artists because hip hop in a way has been on a bore as of late. Check them out on myspace at

He’s Outasight I tell U!


I’ve been following this dude for awhile now. He can rap and he can carry a tune unlike others. He had a mixtape that dropped several months ago and it was pretty good. I was actually surpised. Download his mixtape below and check out his myspace page at In the meantime check out his video he has for Good Evening.




Big Sean – Glenwood


Check out this new track from Big Sean featuring Kanye West called “Glenwood.” I personally think he’s better than Drake and I can’t wait for the album to drop in October if that’s the release date. He’s with G.O.O.D. Music people. So you know his album going to be a banger.

Glewood – 6102479249bd2ebc

If you don’t have his mixtapes you need to download them both. Go over to and download Finally Famous and UKNOWBIGSEAN Volume 2.


Above The Rim Soundtrack

I just got done listening to the Above the Rim soundtrack and forgot how good it was. The soundtrack had everything from SWV to Tupac on it. My favorite songs on the soundtrack were “Pour Out A Little Liquior” and “Big Pimpin.” Hip Hop aint like it used to be. Man I miss that era when there were more artists doing them and not copying the next man. Nowadays you got artists trying to do the same thing as the next man.