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Tatted Up!!

By Urbansocialight

I’m obsessed with tattoos.  I admire other people’s tattoos.  I Google pictures of cool ones in my spare time. I’ve been to the tattoo parlor to watch other people get theirs.  Oh, but I don’t have any.  And not because I don’t like pain or whatever dumb excuse people who don’t have tattoos make up, but there has been no event, person, place, or thing that makes me want to get one.

People can get tattoos of anything and it’s a genuine art form.  There are some talented tattoo artists out here, too.  They’re work is brilliant, and probably deserves to be hanging on someone’s wall.

Some people think it’s stupid to get a person’s name or initials on them, not me.  I think that it signifies at that moment in time you felt so strongly about that person that you wanted to make it last forever.  I can’t knock that. Pharrell recently went through the painful laser removal of tattoos across his entire upper body, so I’m guessing  he got some tats he regrets.

One thing I don’t buy into is the myth that getting a tattoo makes you different or original.  Really, we all want to be super original, but the truth is none of us really are.  That’s why groups of people have the same tastes in music, clothes, and entertainment.

“You are unique! Just like everyone else.” – Dee Dee’s Mom

I was on Twitter today and MarsMcFly pointed out that he mixes up Wiz Khalifa and Tyga… I realized I did too!  Not their songs or lyrics of course, but them.  They look alike because the way they express their originality, with full body tattoos, is the same.  It’s seriously hard to tell them apart.

So a question to the public, why did you get tatted up?  What makes your tatt’s truly one of a kind?  Do you have any you regret?  Who you do let your kids get a tattoo?  If so, how young is too young?

Gaga Over Gaga

By Manda J

Lady Gaga or Gaga as she likes to be called (as told to Oprah) is known for her out of the box costumes and videos. In an industry full of replicas Gaga is the breath of fresh air that we all need. She brings originality to the table and does things that make you scratch your head and wonder “Is she out of her mind?” There is a method to her madness and we just can’t comprehend it, we barely appreciate it. A recent interview she did with Oprah shed some light on her costume choices.

She had this to say about the red outfit she wore to the VMA’s: “That’s Alexander McQueen, and I added the hat to it. It’s the oldest archive in the McQueen Collection. It was meant to be a continuation of the VMA performance. So after … the princess had been murdered by the paparazzi, the red lace was meant to symbolize sort of my eternal martyrdom.

Like Gaga I don’t like to wear fur. She chooses to express herself by wearing a Kermit the Frog outfit. She said that fur look like a bunch of dead Muppets. While I won’t go that far I do agree.When meeting the queen most people would go with a conservative traditional skirt or dress. Well, Gaga isn’t most people. She decided to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II by wearing a dress inspired by Queen Elizabeth I and the Elizabethean era.

I’ve noticed a strong comparasion between Alexander McQueens style and Gaga’s. In October 2009 McQueen Paris Fashion week Spring/Summer 2010 finale song was non other then Gaga’s Bad Romance. Later when Gaga went to film the actual video she chose to use some of McQueens Spring/Summer 2010 items. The armadillo heels, the beaded turtle neck and the dragon heels are among some of the outfits she choose. To be honest if she didn’t use them we wouldn’t seen them anywehere else but the runway. I love Gaga. Her music and style are so different. I look forward to everything she has in store for us fashion and music wise.