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The Airforce N.E.S.???

The Airforce N.E.S.
The Airforce N.E.S.

I thought I’ve seen it all…. platform shoes with the aquarium in it, sporks (spoon & forks), “I-Rub-My-Ducky” (rubber ducky & vibrator in one). Shoot I even once came across a pair of three legged pantyhose, no bullsh*tting.

Like if a woman had an unsightly run in her stocking all she had to do is rotate a leg. no bull.
“With Pantyhose 3x, you don’t have to carry a spare and chuck the old pair when you get a run or hole in your pantyhose.

With this ingenious design you simply (and discretely) rotate your leg into the new, unblemished pantyhose appendage.  The damaged hosiery leg is then tucked into a pocket in the crotch of the pantyhose. Comfortable?  You be the judge.”

Like really that shit is wild.

….but this shit right here will make Russell Simmons say “Nigga I done saw it all”
a muthafuckin Air Force 1 that plays N.E.S. games. This aint even hood, this is just…just.. I’m just at a loss for words.

Lonnie P.

A.I. Love You – “Sincerely Yours” Mixtape

front cover

I want to introduce you to a group by the name of A.I. Love You. They are a brother duo that consists of Che, as the producer and Asi, as the rapper. These two are really doing the damn thing. The creativity and the passion these two have for music is out of this world. They are bringing something new to the game with their approach to music.  No kill, kill murder music here.  Just something cool, new and fresh, just in time for summer.  This is cruising music.

Download  A.I. Love You- “Sincerely Yours”  mixtape  here. Your girl will thank you!

Check out a couple of tracks below:

No Fishing/ Bumble Bee

Will this track be the Death of Autotune?

Song Review by ReneeWoods, Sparkey, & UrbanSocialight
D.O.A. Gets 4 Crabz
Jay-Z's D.O.A. Gets 4 Crabz
” You rappers singing too much get back to rap you T-paining too much.” Jay-Z is funny for real.  For the record, I’m not particularly a Jay-Z fan but this song ” Death of Autotune” might make me one. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired of the T-Jeremih-Wayne-Pains all day everyday on the radio. I don’t know who the fuck is who anymore. A song comes on and honestly it could be my next door neighbor. I mean I know at least half the people on my block got a studio in their basement so at this point anyone can be a rapper or singer. Anyway here is the link to Jay-Z’s  single” Death of Autotune” : Download the track here.

Wale+ Tabi Bonney+ X.O. and More- Rock the Vote @ 9:30 Club

Wale+ Tabi Bonney+ X.O. and More- Rock the Vote @ 9:30 Club

Recap by Renee Woods


Wale + Tre of UCB
Wale + Tre of UCB


As we headed to the 9:30 Club for the Wale show Wednesday night, my chief concern was parking. It ended up not even being an issue; it only took me two minutes to find a spot but like ten minutes to actually park. Hey I’m a MD driver; my parallel parking ain’t the best. Walking to the club, UrbanSocialight and I met a cool white guy headed to the show too, so we ended up chatting it up with him. Headed toward the will call line, we spotted another CNB member Mark. Unlike the Bmore show last week, we actually had to stand in line since we didn’t have the hook up (shoutout to Jamar, thanks homie!).

We picked up our tickets but since we’re always “fashionably late” we missed Wordsmith and Phil Ade, who I heard were both hot, so please myspace them. Side Note: It’s worth mentioning that 9:30 Club events start and end on time.

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